Simple HTML Form Validation Using JQuery

The form allows you to check whether an input from the user is valid or not. This helps you ensure that the type of data inserted by the user is same as field expects to be.

In this tutorial, we will look on how to Validate an HTML Form with JQuery.

The form collects the user input and performs a simple check if the data matches the field type.If otherwise an error warning is displayed asking the user to input correct type of data.


In order to complete the task, we need to create following files. Bundle the files in the same directory. We will discuss the functions of each of the files in the later part of the guide.

  1. PHP
  2. Message-form.js
  3. PHP


Easy Ajax Image Upload and view with JQuery, PHP

Today, we will look on how to upload an image with specific extensions into a server using AJAX and PHP. In this project, we will be using AJAX to show the user the uploaded image without refreshing the page. Also, we will be using extension validation using PHP in run time while uploading in order to prevent unknown file formats.


In order to build an image uploader, we will need to create the below-specified file with the specified code saved in it. Group all the files in the same folder.

  • Index.php
  • Ajaxhandling.php
  • Script.js
  • Jquery min library


Create an Auto-Suggest Drop Down Field using Ajax and PHP

In this tutorial, we will create an auto-complete drop down list.

The text box will take users input and suggest sentences with the available characters.

For this, we will be using PHP codes, AJAX as well as JS libraries like JQueryUI and Jquery as well.


To continue with the tutorial, we will need to create and save the following files all in the same directory.

  • Index.php
  • Autocomplete.php
  • Autocomplete.js
  • Autocomplete.css


Submit PHP Form without Page Refresh Using JQuery, Ajax

In this tutorial, we will look into how to submit a PHP Form without Page Refresh Using JQuery, Ajax. For that, let us create a small form, that asks for First name and Last name and then displays the information in a formatted way in the page itself without refreshing the page.


We will be creating 2 PHP files and using a jQuery file for the tutorial. They are;

  • Index.php
  • Submit.php
  • jquery-1.11.3-jquery.min.js